Tere Arcq is a curator of artistic projects and original and inspiring art collections of modern and contemporary art.  She is renowned for her extensive knowledge on Surrealism.

She is able to adapt her expertise in order to work both on exhibition projects for national and international museums as well as on the creation of private collections for a select group of individual and corporate clients in Mexico, the United States and Europe.

Tere Arcq passionately believes in the transformative power of art.  Her vision allows her to conceive and produce meaningful exhibits, books, and art collections.  Each one is imbued with a personal signature.

She has an extensive background in art history and broad curatorial expertise.  Her connoisseurship combines with a profound knowledge of the art market and an international network in the art world to give her privileged access to a wide array of important works of art in Mexico and abroad. The depth of experience makes her an objective and educated advisor.


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